Sunday, October 25, 2015

Bloody Mist

A darkish room is entered with a spotlight pointed on an actor against the opposite side wall.  He is chained to a table and screams for help. Another actor enters behind the table with a chainsaw. As he cuts into the stomach of the man on the table, customers feel the spray of blood on their faces.

Create a simple PVC tube mister attached to a garden hose, such as is setup at outdoor public events on hot summer days.  It just needs two vertical legs and one horizontal beam across the top with the spray nozzles pointed downward.  This will be setup above the patrons such that they must walk under it to exit the room. The idea is to spray a minimal amount of water to get the sensation of being splattered without making anyone wet for the duration of the haunt.

Coming soon.

Practical considerations:
  • Although only a fine mist, advance notice for patrons should be considered.
  • The floor under the mister should be non-slip and should drain or prevent the water from puddling.

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