Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Want to Hold Your Hand

A pair of patrons reach a portal with two side-by-side exits.  An actor explains that the patrons must go through as pairs, one in the left exit and one in the right exit. After they go through the exit door frame, they must hold hands. The pair can see each other through Plexiglas divider as they walk about 10 feet together. Upon reaching the end of their parallel hallways, and rejoin in the next room, they realize they were not holding each others hands, but that they are each holding the hands of an actor between them.

The devil is in the details on this one.  There must also be cooperation of both patrons to willingly follow the instructions for the effect to work.  The space between the Plexiglas needs to be just barely wide enough for an actor to fit into and walk back and forth in.  The actor needs to hunch over so that he is not seen as the patrons look at each other while walking.  Also, the slot for the hand holding needs to be below the Plexiglas, so as to not give away the secret.

Coming soon.

Practical considerations:
  • Since actors are deviating from the no-touch policy, advance notice for patrons should be considered.
  • Possible pacing problem as an actor must explain that pairs go through each side individually.
  • Possible pacing problem as a single actor may not suffice for a large group.

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