Friday, November 20, 2015

The Human Curtain

The patrons enter a room with no obvious exits. On the opposite wall, there is a tall man bound with chains and hooks. He is in obvious distress and pleads for help. He begins screaming as the patrons realize his body is being ripped in half  vertically. His head is still screaming, but now his parted body reveals the exit to the room. Patrons must walk under the live head and past his dangling spinal cord and guts to exit.

The tall man is a actor with just his head visible through the wall near the ceiling. His body, from the neck down, is two vertical halves of a dressed manikin. This body is attached to black curtains, which when opened from the bottom provide the effect of the body being ripped apart. Behind the curtain are the crafted spinal cord and dangling "guts": hoses and string, etc. The exit is a normal doorway behind the curtain.

Coming soon.

Practical considerations:
  • Comfort of the actor in an awkward position with just his head visible. 
  • Pacing should be fine as the effect is still strong if the curtains need to be left open for a period of time. 

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